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Virens will create a marketplace where designers can directly upload all designs
tradable in the market, receive evaluations from members, and even commercialize them.

Virtual Asset

NFT is a virtual asset that is rapidly gaining popularity as an investment target in recent years.

Virens NFT Market

Virens' marketplace will be divided into two areas: Fine Arts and Commercial Arts. The field of Fine Arts will allow artists to freely register their works and trade through NFT in the [Art] section, while the field of Commercial Arts will allow designers to create a revenue model with their designs in the same way in the [Product Design] section.

Certificate of Authenticity

NFT (short for Non-Fungible Token) is like a certificate of authenticity for a real or virtual entity.

Connection Platform

In the [Product] section of the Virens NFT platform (marketplace), there are three entities: designers who produce designs, potential consumers who participate in the voting functions, and producers. Virens token holders can vote for a specific design through the “voting” function per design on the platform. When the design is commercialized and generates product sales revenue later, consumers who participated in voting are rewarded as much as the contract revenue multiplied by the number of voted tokens


The key of NFT is that ownership of NFTs does not grant copyrights to digital assets.

Virens Voting System

Virens participates in the entire process from design transaction, product production, and sales using the design registered by the designer. As more products are manufactured and sold, Virens will acquire a much greater amount of data related to designs and actual products sold. Naturally, Virens will build a big data system for design and product data, and it will have a strong influence in the relevant market through the accumulated design and product manufacturing data.

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